New Normal Public Education Adapting Activities During Pandemic

  • Purwanto Purwanto Universitas Presiden
Keywords: New normal, covid- 19, education, webinars


Education to the public during the Covid-19 pandemic is really
needed through the New Normal. Webinar as one of the media is very effective
to reach all ages, both teenagers, adults, and parents. This activity presents
resource persons who are experts in the field of health to provide
enlightenment. The committee consists of President University students and is
guided by lecturers to ensure the activities go according to the expected plan.
Online media such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and others are optimized to invite
potential participants. The results showed that the participants were very
enthusiastic in participating in the event through the zoom meeting. Deep
curiosity is evidenced by the many questions during the event. The entire
committee, speakers and moderators are happy to answer one by one. Most of
them get insight on how to deal with disasters and implement health protocols
correctly. Fundraising was also part of the event, which was followed by the
handing over of donations to one of the orphanages in need at this time. Solid
teamwork and effective communication have yielded satisfactory results
although there is still a need for improvisation and innovation in the future.
The further implication is that the sense of empathy and brotherhood will
increase when facing this serious calamity.


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