Pemanfaatan Situs Web Youtube Sebagai Wahana Promosi Dan Sumber Pendapatan Tambahan Bagi Pemerintah Desa

  • Johan Eka Wijaya DN Universitas Baturaja
  • Jumdapi Okta Universitas Baturaja
Keywords: Pemanfaatan, situs web, Youtube, bumdes


The era of globalization has brought rapid developments in
information and communication technology, including the field of
government, one of which is village government. One of the most
interesting information and communication technology products to take
advantage of in village government is the YouTube website. In the
utilization of media, creativity and also careful planning considerations
are needed from staff who are trusted in managing the account. In fact,
many village government staff use the youTube website without careful
consideration and planning. Tanjung Baru Village is one of the villages
located in East Baturaja District of Ogan Komering Ulu Regency. This
village is one of the leading, competitive and potential villages. In the
process of advancing and developing tanjung Baru village assets now
have village owned enterprises (BUMDes). Business entities that are
being developed are BUMDes Tourism Village, Soundsytem / Orgen
Services, and Buffet Services, chairs and tents. But nowadays these
assets seem difficult to progress and develop. In fact, if it can be
maximized properly then the BUMDes can prosper all staff and village
government devices.


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