Sosialisasi Penjualan Online Produk-Produk Keloria

  • Ester Hervina Sihombing Politeknik Unggul LP3M
  • Syahrani Devi Politeknik Unggul LP3M
  • Yuniar Andi Astuti Politeknik Unggul LP3M
  • Sondang Sondang Politeknik Unggul LP3M
  • Beru Pilihen Politeknik Unggul LP3M
  • Srie Hartati Politeknik Unggul LP3M
Keywords: Keloria, E-Commerce, UMKM


This community service activity is carried out through a
socialization process through understanding and acceptance of
individuals for their role in a group. This activity was carried out at the
UD. Keloria Sehat office Jl. M. Basir Gg. Keluarga No. 19 Pangkalan
Masyhur, Kec. Medan Johor, Medan. Keloria is a company that
produces and markets halal products in order to meet consumer needs
and prioritize customer satisfaction through innovation. To be able to
increase sales UD. Keloria also sells online. Implementing community
service activities which are expected to increase knowledge in terms of
business marketing through internet marketing (E-Commerce), and can
motivate UMKM to run their business professionally.


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