Pemanfaatan Wodershare Filmora Dalam Meningkatkan Kemampuan Sumber Daya Manusia Di Dinas Sosial Provinsi Sumatera Selatan

  • Ery Hartati Universitas Multi Data Palembang
  • Desy Iba Ricoida Universitas Multi Data Palembang
  • Lisa Amelia Fransen Universitas Multi Data Palembang
Keywords: Wodershare Filmora, video editing, software


Lack of skills in the ability to edit videos and has become an
obstacle for the Human Resources department at the Social Service of
South Sumatra Province in presenting information that is attractive
and interesting to the public. Therefore, training in the use of
Wodershare Filmora software is needed to improve the skills of the
Human Resources department in video editing. From the training
provided, it was seen that the participants were enthusiastic in
participating and practicing directly the software used and increasing
their understanding of using the Wodershare Filmora software. It is
hoped that in the future the training can be carried out on a scheduled
basis so that the material presented can be more in-depth and the
ability of the trainees to increase.


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