Pelatihan Aplikasi Pembelajaran Online Sebagai Inovasi Pembelajaran Di SMK Hadziqiyyah Nalumsari Jepara

  • Esti Wijayanti Universitas Muria Kudus
  • Rizkysari Meimaharani Universitas Muria Kudus
Keywords: Online, Remote, technology


One of the districts far from the city of Jepara is nalumsari
the existence of vocational high schools. In March 2020 the
coronavirus that attacked Indonesia until now still exists, the incoming
outbreak crippled the economy, sector tourism, also in the field of
education. In the field of education today is certainly a special concern
by the government. Because education is the axis of the nation's future,
the solution that is proposed to the government is distance learning
(PJJ) or online. Online implemented in the education sector is not
ready to be implemented because there are many reasons. One of the
students must have an android phone that must be installed whatsapp
because students are given tasks through whatsapp. Whatsapp users are
considered less effective for learning methods.
Solutions and external, for that online learning that uses the internet as
a solution for educators to run learning activities that provide
assistance to educators by using online learning applications.


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