Perencanaan Usaha (Business Plan)

  • Hanifa Turrahmah Pendidikan Ekonomi, Fakultas Ekonomi, Universitas Negeri Padang


The ability to incorporate innovative, creative, and bright ideas—as well as ideas with high economic
and commercial value—into a mature and realistic business plan is one of the keys to business startup
success.whatever kind of company we’ll run.This is even more true if you follow up by writing down these ideas so
that they can be shared with other parties.Plans for what a business will do in the future include how to allocate
resources, pay attention to important factors, and deal with problems and opportunities.A business plan generally
includes the Summary, Mission Statement, Key Factors, Market Analysis, Production, Management, and Financial
Analysis, including Break Event analysis, among other things.If we are going to run a business, a business plan is
absolutely necessary because it serves as a business’s equivalent of a map and compass.We can identify our primary
business objectives, prioritize tasks, and estimate cash flow with the help of a plan.In the meantime, if we have a
sound business plan, our chances of success will be higher.The process of good business planning is more than just
a plan.Examples of good business planning are:easy to use (with features that are both practical and
convenient);Specific (specific in terms of time, personnel, and budget);Complete (complete with all components)
and Realistic (in terms of goals, budget, and time targets).