Penggunaan Metode SVM Dengan Fitur HSV HOG Dalam Mengklasifikasi Jenis Ikan Guppy


  • Yehezekiel Gian Lestari Informatika
  • Hafiz Irsyad Universitas Multi Data Palembang
Keywords: Fish, Guppy, HOG, HSV, SVM


Ornamental fish are fish that are often traded to be kept as decoration to beautify and not for consumption, ornamental fish are the same as consumption fish, both of which live in fresh water or in sea water. Ornamental fish in general have a characteristic, namely a unique body shape with a body pattern with various attractive colors. One of the ornamental fish in Indonesia is Guppy fish. Guppy fish is a type of freshwater fish that lives freely in waters and is widespread in the tropics. This fish is widely cultivated by ornamental fish lovers because of the beauty of its color. There are many types of Guppy fish, a classification is needed to make it easier to distinguish the types, this research was conducted to determine the types of Guppy fish. Guppy fish used in this study were Leopard, Koi, and Albino Full Red (AFR), with the use of the SVM classification feature with HSV and HOG features. obtained scores for Guppy Leopard fish Accuracy 77%, Precision 70%, Recall 53%, values for Guppy Koi fish Accuracy 82%, Precision 78%, Recall 69%, and values for Guppy Albino Full Red (AFR) Accuracy 85%, Precision 83%, Recall 85%. Of the three types of fish studied, the Albino Full Red Guppy fish gave the highest  recognition accuracy value of 85%

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Lestari, Y., & Irsyad, H. (2023, October 10). Penggunaan Metode SVM Dengan Fitur HSV HOG Dalam Mengklasifikasi Jenis Ikan Guppy. Jurnal Algoritme, 4(1), 21-30.