Rancangan Trucking Collaboration System

  • Sari Armiati Politeknik Pos Indonesia
  • Muhammad Ibnu Choldun Politeknik Pos Indonesia
Keywords: Keywords— application, design, logistic


Logistics company engaged in shipping services that have the activities of sending  and  receiving goods. Usually there is a Logistics Department division that is responsible for handling logistics business development, logistics project management, including  vendor  selection,  making  a  bill  recapitulation report from  the  vendor  and  sending  bills  to  customers.  In  this  study business process observations  were carried out at PT XYZ which has a freight  forwarding business. Business processes that  occur at  this  time,  the  vendors  that  have  been  registered at  PT  XYZ will provide  transportation services  for  shipping  goods  owned by PT  XYZ partners according  to dimensions  of type,  volume, size and  weight of goods. It  takes  a long time  for  the  Logistics Department to select a new vendor,  the billing recapitulation by the  billing  admin  is also  made  in  different  formats  and  there is no proper data  storage  in the Logistic Department. Based on these needs, we need a trucking  collaboration system application design  at  PT  XYZ  company  that  has  the  functional  ability  to manage  vendor  selection  data,  manage  bill  recapitulation, and protect  data.  The  design  of this  application will be a guideline in implementing  software  in the next research.


Author Biography

Muhammad Ibnu Choldun, Politeknik Pos Indonesia

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